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Hermes Platinum | Real estate projects in Cyprus
  • EU Citizenship

EU Citizenship

Citizenship in Cyprus

Get A European Passport with just €2.0m Investment

1. For Individuals who wish to buy only 1 single residential property, they can invest only 2.0m Euro and get
their passport.

2. However, if individuals do not want to buy only 1 single residential property, the amount needed for obtaining
the passport is €2.0m invested in Residential and /or Commercial Properties. For Commercial Investments, it is a requirement to purchase a residential property of €500.000 with a combined single or multiple investment in commercial property of €1.5m. The investment of €2.0m should be kept for 3 years only and after this period the investor can sell the investment. The only requirement after the 3rd year is to maintain a residential property of minimum value €500.000.

3. Other Information:
The passport scheme covers the applicant and family

Approval within 3 months
Freedom to live, travel, invest, work, study anywhere in the EU
Benefit from the legal rights and privileges of natural born EU citizens
No Residing or Language Requirement
Travel to over 160+ countries without a visa
Children up to the age of 28 may also be eligible
The parents of the investor may also obtain the citizenship with an extra residential property of €500.000

Advantages of the program

The programme is unique in Europe and very appealing:

  • Cyprus passport is a full EU passport. Investor and his family can freely reside, work, study, have business in any of the EU-member states as well as in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland
  • Holder of Cyprus passport can travel visa-free in 157 countries in total
  • Dual-citizenship is permitted. Acquisition of Cyprus citizenship is not reported to other countries
  • The passport is issued also for the investor’s spouse and all financially dependent children (up to 28 years old). All next generations of investor retain EU citizenship
  • The investor’s parents are entitled to apply for citizenship provided that they are owners of a Cyprus permanent residence of at least €500.000
  • An express procedure – 3 months to be approved, plus another 3 months to actual passport
  • No requirement to reside in Cyprus
  • Minimum investment required is €2mln (here and below amounts are excluding VAT where VAT is applicable)
  • The investment must be kept just for 3 years. After that the assets can be sold. To be more precise, the Law states that a property of minimum value of €500.000 must be kept as a private residence; anyway this private residence can be rented out and generate rental income for investor
  • No donation to the Cyprus government
  • No history and language proficiency tests

Investment options

An investor is free to choose where to invest from a wide choice of options:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Development projects
  • Purchase or creation or participation in Cypriot businesses or companies
  • Investment funds, financial assets of Cypriot businesses or organizations
  • Government bonds (maximum €500.000; the balance €1,5mln should be invested in other options like property)
  • Combination of the above options

Requirements for investors

An investor must meet the following requirements:

  • The minimum investment amount is €2mln
  • Keeping investments for a period of minimum 3 years
  • Clear criminal record for applicant, spouse, adult children and parents
  • The investor must own a private residence(ies) in Cyprus, purchased for at least €500.000. If investments are made into residential property(ies), this requirement is not applicable
  • The investor must be the holder of a residence permit in Cyprus to qualify for receiving the Cyprus Citizenship. For this purpose, he/she should submit an application for a residence permit, which will be issued simultaneously with the filing of the Citizenship application. The obtaining of residence permit is a formality due to EU regulation. There is still no requirement for the investor to live in Cyprus.

Cyprus programs

Standard Track Permanent Residency

150.000 in a Residential Property

Fast Track Permanent Residency

300.000  in a Residential / Commercial Property Or mix

Immediate Citizenship

2m in a Residential / Commercial Property Or mix

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